Who we are!

The first water improvement district (ORS 552) of its kind in the State of Oregon, the Devils Lake Water Improvement District has been the conduit for managing Devils Lake since its inception in 1984.  As a special taxing district, DLWID receives funding from area property owners to work for the improvement of the many aspects of Devils Lake!

Board of Directors

Mitchell Moore


Tina French

Board Chair


Steve Brown

Sec / Treasurer


Kathy Kremer



Bill Sexton



Josh Brainerd

District Manager


Mission & Representation

  • Improve and maintain the water quality of Devils Lake
  • Improve the environment for fish, wildlife, and humans
  • Improve recreational opportunities
  • Improve and maintain safe and efficient navigation
  • Increase public access to Devils Lake
  • Improve the economy of north Lincoln County through the restoration and maintenance of Devils Lake
  • Increase public awareness and public education of Devils Lake

Current Priorities    (Adopted 2015-10-01)

1. Develop, finance, construct, operate, and maintain a lake-wide aeration system for Harmful Algal Bloom abatement.2. Forward the septic tank revitalization program by first developing a volunteer inspection program with Lincoln County, followed by a mandatory inspection program including the City of Lincoln City as a partner if sewer is not likely being extended in the watershed in three years.

3. Reduce nutrient loading to Devils Lake from onsite septic systems by supporting extension of a cost effective sewer around the watershed by a means which does not enable detrimental development.

4. Further engage stakeholders through outreach to associations and community groups and through the formation of volunteer committees, including water quality monitoring, recreation and promotion, and shoreline restoration.

5. Through a removal fill permit obtained by the District and implemented by volunteers dredge the lake in front of Hosteller Park, near the D River, reestablishing recreational opportunities in this historic area.

6. Reenergize the Grass Carp application with Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a possible means of vegetation management.

7. Amend the Devils Lake Plan to reflect the current priorities of the District and provide updates to the previous version.

8. Quantify sources of nutrients to Devils Lake.