1402, 2017

Election information

Elections for two DLWID Board positions are upcoming. Please find details on the election dates and requirements @ http://www.co.lincoln.or.us/clerk/page/may-16-2017-special-election-information  

1402, 2017

Lake Weather Announcement

Lake Weather Announcement Just a quick reminder that we have had a lot of precipitation both inland and on the coast. Please be aware that Devils Lake may experience high water during these periods. Remember [...]

1309, 2016

Sewer – Voyage Lake LID (Initiated 2010 – Ongoing)

A citizen driven effort led by DLWID Director Brian Green has been in the works since 2010 seeking to bring the first sewer Local Improvement District in the watershed in at least 15 years. Those [...]

1309, 2016

Devils Lake Plan Version 2.1

The Devils Lake Water Improvement District adopted the latest revision to the Devils Lake Plan at its March 2011 meeting. The District is now actively pursuing projects such as the Septic Tank Revitalization Program, Vegetation [...]

Devils Lake in Lincoln City, Oregon is a naturally shallow, coastal lake. It is uniquely placed in the world sitting on the Pacific coast edge of the North American Continent, intersecting the 45th parallel,the mark half way between the equator and the North Pole. Devils Lake is managed by the Devils Lake Water Improvement District.


Devils Lake Information


Below is a list and links to the volumes of research and the restoration plans done on and for Devils Lake of Lincoln County, Oregon, USA. All documents provided are for educational use only.  You will find many important research document, many of which are used today in budgeting for the future, used in combination with other research projects to plan for future actions of construction projects.  To learn more click here.


These maps present views of natural resources, taxing district, bathymetric (lake depth profile), the watershed, street map, and 3-D watershed map. To view them click here.


Looking for something to do while in Lincoln City? Explore Devils Lake with our recreation brochure as your guide.Looking to boat, swim, BBQ, fish, camp, hike or relax – Devils Lake has you covered! Check out our Devils Lake Recreation Brochure click here.


Devils Lake was formed nearly 14,000 years ago from upheaval of marine sediments from the sea floor.  This geologic action created a lake system not unlike many reservoirs today, where tributaries in the basin were blocked off and backed up creating the fingers or arms seen in Devils Lake’s irregular morphology.  To continue reading click here.


Check out some devils lake photos here.


Connections to Resources, lake organizations, lake societies, water shed councils, general resources, governments, and more To view them all click here.