505, 2020

5/14/2020 DLWID Budget Committee and Regular Board Meeting

A public meeting of the Budget Committee of the Devils Lake Water Improvement District , Lincoln County, Oregon, to discuss the budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 will be [...]

505, 2020

Devils Lake Weeds

Devils Lake Weeds The District has received several emails regarding the plants growing in Devils Lake. Please see our Facebook page HERE for more information.

2702, 2020

Devils Lake $10,000 Fishing Derby Registration Open

Devils Lake $10,000 Fishing Derby Registration Open Register at our event site HERE

1402, 2020

DLWID $10,000 Fishing Derby Sponsorship Packet

DLWID Fishing Derby Sponsorship Packet-2020

1001, 2020

Aquatic Vegetation Report

Recently DLWID contracted with a vegetation management firm to map aquatic plants in and around Devils Lake.  During the course of the survey Parrot Feather, a common invasive plant species in Oregon, was identified. The [...]

901, 2020

Board Position Open

To apply for this volunteer position please download the application HERE and submit to josh@dlwid.org via email by 1/31/2020. For more information on this and other DLWID news please visit our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/DevilsLakeOR/?eid=ARA2vAE8qmPb_FEawXjeZKBn2bcopHjR3fc9qM12f__hKLbiMmJhbWL20fGNC8kZx9q7XfP-etVwn0xB

Devils Lake Information


Below is a list and links to the volumes of research and the restoration plans done on and for Devils Lake of Lincoln County, Oregon, USA. All documents provided are for educational use only.  You will find important research documents, many of which are used today in budgeting for the future and in combination with other research projects to plan for future actions of construction projects.  To learn more click here.


These maps present views of natural resources, taxing district, bathymetric (lake depth profile), the watershed, street map, and 3-D watershed map. To view them click here.


Looking for something to do while in Lincoln City? Explore Devils Lake with our recreation brochure as your guide. Whether you are looking to boat, swim, BBQ, fish, camp, hike or relax – Devils Lake has you covered!


Devils Lake was formed nearly 14,000 years ago by an upheaval of marine sediments from the sea floor.  This geologic action created a lake system not unlike many reservoirs today, where tributaries in the basin were blocked off and backed up creating the fingers or arms seen in Devils Lake’s irregular morphology.  To continue reading click here.


A collection of Devils Lake related photos can be found here.


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