1990 Devils Lake Research & Restoration Plans

Research and the restoration plans

Below is a list and links to the volumes of research and the restoration plans done on and for Devils Lake of Lincoln County, Oregon, USA. All documents provided are for educational use only.  If any of these links should not be included for any reason, please notify us immediately such that we can remove them.


Year Author Study
1999 Buckman & Daily Effects of Grass Carp on Warmwater Fish and Coho Salmon
1997 Storer,B. Devils Lake Water Improvement District Water Rights R 71703 and S-71813 Annual report Summary: 1997 Water Year
1996 Sytsma, M. Devils Lake Revegetation & Water Quality Final Report
1996 Eilers et. al Recent Paleolimnology of Devils Lake, Oregon
1995 SRI/Shapiro, Inc. City of Lincoln City Citizens Advisory Committee Local Wetlands Inventory Determination of Significant Wetlands
1994 Bayer & Pickering Bird Records for Some Sites in the Lincoln City Area
1994 Daggett & Petersen Oregon Citizen Lake Watch Program
1994 Wagner, D. (editor) Grass Carp Restoration Project Phase 2–Final Report
Report Only Appendices: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1993 Bonar et al. Effect of Triploid Grass Carp on the Aquatic Macrophyte Community of Devils Lake
1993 CH2M HILL Recreation Restored at Devils Lake
1993 DLWID & Partners Devils Lake Watershed Coordinated Resource Management Plan
1993 Anthony & Hansen Devils Lake Waterfowl Study
1993 Blair, M.S. Oregon Coastal Lakes Study: Phosphorus Loading and Water Quality Implications
1993 Eilers et al. Paleolimnology of Devils Lake, Oregon
1992 CH2M HILL Devils Lake Monitoring Final Report
1990 CH2M HILL Devils Lake Waterfowl Review
1990 DLWID Volunteers Devils Lake Volunteer Waterfowl Watch
1990 Isham, Q.D. (editor) Devils Lake Restoration Program 1986-1990
1990 Anders, C.M. Chronology of the North Lincoln County Area (Driftwood Library, Lincoln City, Oregon)
1990 Anthony et al. Short-Term Effects of Triploid Grass Carp on Waterfowl and Bald Eagles
1990 Thomas et al. An Evaluation of Triploid Grass Carp (spp.) Grazing on Ponds
1990 US Army Corps of Engineers Reconnaissance Report on Flood Damage Reduction